Frequently Asked Questions

Creating Mobility and Independence for People with Disabilities

How can I get an AmTryke® therapeutic tricycle for my child or loved one?
If you are unable to afford the cost of an Amtryke, HSV AMBUCS is here to help. You can place you the name of the individual in need on our Wish List. Click here to fill out the online application and liability form in order to have your loved one added to the WishList.

What is the Wish List?
When a individual with disabilities is unable to afford the cost of an AmTryke and the required forms are filled out and submitted to the HSV AMBUCS, that person’s name is placed on our Wish List. As the chapter raises the funds, the next name is picked off the list, they are notified and you will be scheduled to attend a ‘Bike Day’ for one of our Physical Therapists to custom fit and measure your AmTryke. Once the tryke is ordered and shipped, the trike is built by local volunteers. Your family will then be invited to a presentation ceremony where donors and volunteers will celebrate the presentation of the AmTryke.

Where can someone try out an AmTryke tricycle?
HSV AMBUCS is in the process of establishing and funding strategic demo centers for fitting and trialing the AMTRYKES. The following sites are in the process of becoming demo sites in our area:

Eastern Alabama (Fort Payne) Premier Therapy, Fort Payne, AL Kim Cornelius, PT Premier Therapy has a team of  16  Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapists who are in the process of being AMBUCS trained to specially fit and adapt AmTrykes to each mobility challenge.

Northern Alabama (Decatur, Alabama) Robin Irwin Physical Therapy, Robin Irwin, DPT has a staff of 15 AMBUCS trained therapists and is in the process of becoming a demo & fitting center for pediatric Amtrykes.

Northern Alabama (Madison) HSV AMBUCS new offices are located at 500 Gooch Place, Madison, AL and offer a full demo set of AmTrykes that can be custom fit by appointment only with Tami Tubell, PT.

Mobile Demo Trailer 

How do the trikes work?
The AmTryke works with a continuous chain mechanism that moves the hands and feet together. This allows the stronger limbs to help the weaker limbs and build strength and stamina.

Wish List Requests are filled as AMBUCS chapters raise the funds. General wait time is three months to one year. This may lengthen or shorten based on availability of funds.